Playing with some fun photoshop filters!

Playing with some fun photoshop filters!

First, I don't think you should ever have to do boy/girl. You just keep on as you are, you are gorgeous. I've seen most, if not all, of your sets. You wear many faces, and all are heart stopping.
The dandilion clock tattoo, any special meaning or is it just for fun, because I love it?

Thank You!

The dandelion tattoo is something I got in Thailand in the Phi Phi islands. They actually did it with a long bamboo stick and ink. It reminds me to keep blowing wishes.

When I was young my friends and I would pick as many dandelions as we could and blow wishes.

Reminds me to keep my child like wonderment and dreaming.

You must have been chiseled by the gods themselves.....

Aw shucks you’re making me blush. ;)

Hello Shay. I have a friend that i've known on Myspace for over 4 years that says that she is really you. I was dating a Playmate for 2 years and I really just saw her as a friend. But when my ex and I broke up, her and I started talking intimately/sexually on line and on the phone. All this time, I thought that she was you. Honestly, I only became a fan of your because I got to know her so well. Now, we have been together for 6 months and have fallen in love. But she feels that she's not ready to meet. And I'm cool with that. Hell, I'm cool with her...even if she is not really you. I fell for her heart...not her looks. I've turned down a real Playmate, pornstar and bikin model to be in this on line relationship. This is so unlike me. I look half way descent and have been in non stop relationships since I was 8 years old. lol - But I don't want to get so deep into something that is an illusion. can ya help a sexy, single man out? Love, Sunset

I’m not sure what to say.

If you’re happy with the online relationship keep on with it. It’s defiantly not me so she IS trying to deceive you. (could even be a man)

If you want to have a real physical relationship it’s not going to happen but if you like living with the fantasy that’s completely ok too. 

You have got to be one of the most beautiful ladies ever, I have lost count how many times I have pleasured myself to your pics! I love your nice big breasts!

I’m glad I can help you out in that department. :)

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Good Morning! How you all liking my bed head.

Good Morning! How you all liking my bed head.

i think you're really sexy! i was wondering whether you would post any new pics of yourself that aren't on your site :D

That’s what all these pictures are :) Just for all my Tumblr followers and readers though I will be adding all these and more to a special section in my website shortly.